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Sells Law Firm has been serving the residents and businesses of the mountain community and the Denver metropolitan area since 1983. The firm maintains an "AV" rating by Martindale Hubbell, which is the highest professional and ethical rating awarded by the nationally recognized rating agency. We offer expertise in Real Estate, Business, LLC and Corporate Formation, Estate Planning and Wills, Probate Administration, Elder Law, Employment, and Construction.

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Whether your legal needs are business related or personal, you can depend upon our experience and expertise to provide the best-possible outcome. Our clients receive the cost-effective personal service and quality representation best provided by an experienced local firm.

If you need a skillful front-range attorney to assist you regarding your legal matters, call our offices today for a consultation.

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When an agent’s power to act is contingent upon a certain event occurring, the power of attorney is considered a “springing” power of attorney. Once the triggering event occurs, the power of attorney “springs to life” and gives the agent power to act on behalf of the principal. In most cases, the…


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